TalaTrans Worldwide Certified OTI and NVOCC

CHICAGO, IL. (August, XX 2015) – TalaTrans Worldwide Corp., a leading provider of logistics services, specializing in the Latin American marketplace, announces successful certification as an Ocean Freight Forwarder (OTI) and Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC).

As a full-service logistics partner, TalaTrans supports outsourced shipping in any mode, ground (LTL or truckload), air, ocean or rail. The company offers customs compliance consulting and warehousing in multiple locations in the United States and South America.

The Federal Maritime Commission has certified that TalaTrans Worldwide is a holder of OTI license, as such, is duly authorized to carry on the business of providing freight forwarder services to facilitate shipment via an oceangoing common carrier from the United States and its territories of possessions to foreign countries and NVOCC services for the provision of transportation by water via common carriers between the United States, its territories or possessions, and foreign countries.

“Obtaining the OTI and NVOCC certifications is key to delivering value for our customers,” commented Jesus Talavera, CEO of TalaTrans. “These certifications will help us execute on our customers’ behalf even more effectively.”

The company has invested in technology that to make our shipping more efficient, are committed to customer service, and delivering expert shipping consulting and execution to anywhere in the US and LATAM.

About TalaTrans Worldwide:

TalaTrans Worldwide provides end-to-end logistics management though a global network of experienced transportation professionals. Dedicated logistics professionals develop relationships with carriers and shippers and cultivate innovative solutions for any shipping need. With offices in both North and South America, TalaTrans values true customer service with a personal touch. www.talatransworldwide.com

3PLs everywhere jumping into deals – but at what cost?

Merger fever is sweeping the logistics industry. 2015 activity has reached its highest level since the recession, with nine major deals already announced this year, according to supply chain consulting firm Armstrong and Associates.

France-based GEODIS is the latest third-party logistics (3PL) provider to take part in the trend, announcing in August that it plans to acquire OHL for a reported $800 million. The news comes on the heels of several other high-profile deals, including XPO Logistics’ acquisition of Norbert Dentressangle SA for $3.53 billion and FedEx’s purchase of GENCO for $1.4 billion.

The Midwest has been a flash point for much of this consolidation, cementing its status as a hub for the freight brokerage industry. Recent notable deals include UPS’ acquisition of Chicago-based Coyote Logistics for $1.8 billion, the largest truckload brokerage acquisition in U.S. history, and Chicago-based Echo Global Logistics’ purchase of Command Transportation for $420 million. 

3PLs cite cross-selling opportunities, diversifying service offerings and improved geographic coverage as key reasons for joining forces with fellow providers. While outsourced logistics has historically been a heavily fragmented industry, this tidal wave of activity is also helping providers reach unprecedented sizes. According to Armstrong and Associates, the five largest global 3PLs all earned more than $10 billion in gross revenue in 2014.

In the midst of all this consolidation, don’t let your company get lost in the shuffle. TalaTrans partners with its clients to provide high-touch shipping services, functioning as a seamless extension of your logistics department. While other 3PLs move toward providing myriad services to countless industries, we focus on Latin American shipping, helping clients navigate cultural and language barriers that can hinder supply chain efficiency.

With offices in Chicago and Miami, our team brings more than 30 years of combined logistics experience to meet your business’ unique needs. Whether you need air, ocean or freight services, TalaTrans ensures a seamless process each step of the way, providing customs clearance support, regulatory paperwork assistance and other services to help you navigate the Latin American shipping process successfully. 

It’s a big world – don’t let your business get lost in it. Contact TalaTrans today to learn how we can help with your Latin American shipping needs.

Improved Mexican rail system is good news for Latin American logistics

To get shipments from Point A to Point B, solid infrastructure is a must. Since launching its transformational rail improvement program two decades ago, Mexico has vastly enhanced its rail infrastructure, enabling TalaTrans to deliver on its promise of streamlining Latin American shipping for clients.

Since 1995, Mexico’s rail system has grown from a single railroad to an expansive, modern system that is fully compatible with U.S. and Canadian railroads, according to a recent Logistics Viewpoints article. The rail expansion has allowed many companies to convert truckload shipments into more efficient intermodal traffic.

While these enhancements have been a boon to shippers, however, the Latin American logistics process still presents a number of challenges. Cultural issues, language barriers and complex regulations can hurt supply chain efficiency and potentially compromise customer relationships.

TalaTrans Worldwide partners with companies to help them navigate the Latin American shipping process successfully. Our network of fully secured warehouses and offices and our strong relationships across the region enable our clients to fulfill customer orders quickly and efficiently. Talatrans Worldwide’s Latin American solutions are personalized to your needs and include reliable FTL, LTL and air service; customs clearance support; and regulatory paperwork assistance.

Contact us today to learn how we can assist with all your Latin American shipping needs.