Community Outreach – La Posada Home


La Posada Home, in El Paso Texas, is a shelter opened in 1986 that provides a safe environment for mothers and their children. Such an environment is meant to protect them from cases of domestic violence, abandonment, homelessness, and lack of opportunities. Their goal is to help the families effected to better strive and gain a sense of worth. They provide training, recreation, transportation, advocacy services, just to name a few, thanks to the help of their community’s resources. La Posada Home aims to help their community without regard to the race, age, religion, and sexual orientation of its members, and provide housing to the families until they become self-sufficient once again.


On the day of the visit, TalaTrans Worldwide, in partnership with Dreams of Hope, spent a day at La Posada Home with the families. While mothers were being pampered with facials, manicures, and treated to beautifully styled hair, the kids were surprised with a variety of sweet treats. Dreams of Hope was able to donate multiple gift bags for the mothers filled with hair products, as the shelter is only able to provide basic necessities. To end the day, the group played out on the playground making it an overall wonderful experience for not only the families staying at La Posada, but for the volunteers from Dreams of Hope and TalaTrans Worldwide as well.


Through employee engagement and local partnerships, TalaTrans Worldwide strives to help its communities by promoting wellness, improving lives, and leaving a better world for our children.