New Sensor Technology?


Here at TalaTrans we just recently read an article about how Intel and Honeywell are collaborating on some new technology. This specific technology could mean some big things in the world of logistics. You’re probably wondering what sort of ground breaking technology this must be, well, it’s sensors. That’s right, sensors. What would make these so significant in the wide world of logistics especially when sensors are not new? Well, it would allow for companies to track what is happening to the products they are moving in real-time. However, it is not only tracking the location, it is also able to track things like shock, temperature, vibration, tilt, humidity, pressure, and exposure to light. It has the ability to do so by using a mobile gateway that is then “transmitted via a cellular network to a cloud-based platform”.

Being able to collect data like this would be extremely helpful in most shipping cases to make sure all the products are delivered correctly. For instance, when TalaTrans Worldwide ships a compressor used for digital imaging, it must be handled with extreme care. It is not allowed to be exposed to light or moved around too harshly. This sensor would allow for us to insure it is delivered without damage. Not only is this for sensitive items like that, but also great for food and beverage.  This type of technology can will be useful to many types of industries and we here at TalaTrans look forward to seeing more technologies like this.

What type of industries do you think could benefit most from this new sensor?



Feed My Starving Children



This past weekend TalaTrans Worldwide was fortunate enough to be able to participate in a Feed My Starving Children event. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Feed My Starving Children foundation, it is non-profit organization started in 1987. With the help of their volunteers, they help to make meals which are specifically formulated for malnourished children. The organization’s mission is to be able to feed all of God’s children, even the ones in the hardest places to reach. The type of meals prepared for the children are rice, soy, dried vegetables, and a mix of vitamins and minerals. All of which is then sealed and shipped off to the countries where kids need it most.

Employees and their families of TalaTrans Worldwide combined to make a volunteer team eager to lend a helping hand. The goal for this packing session was to box a total of 169 meals for Haiti. They were able to surpass their goal and complete a grand total of 246 boxes of food.


Here is what our team had to say about the event:

Q: What did you think of the event?

A: I believe that it was a great event that allows us to come together as a caring community to lend a hand to those in need. We live in a fast-paced society and many times can forget how fortunate we are. While we were watching a video of some of the children that have benefitted from this organization, it reminded me that it is not always about yourself or your family. There are many people in need, and we must come together as humanity to provide any possible help we can.

Q: Describe your experience.

A: Exhausting and rewarding – I oversaw the of collecting full boxes from all the stations, weighting them, sealing them and palletizing them. Once a box was full – the team would alert me and I quickly collect the box so they could fill up the next one. During our 2-hour period, we managed to fill out 246 boxes which surpassed the goal of 169 boxes.

Q: What did you like about the event?

A: The amount of teamwork there was – all the stations work together as quickly as they can to pack as many bags as they can. The runners replenished all items in the stations to avoid any setbacks – the boxers built all necessary boxes to make sure no station would be without a box and the box runner took all full boxes away from stations to make room for new ones.

Q: What did you dislike about this event?

A: In all honesty, there was nothing that I did not like about this event or this organization.

Q: How friendly/helpful was the staff?

A: The staff was very helpful, understanding, patient and knowledgeable during the session. Such a pleasure to work with them.

Q: What was your impression of the organization?

A: Seems like a very well organized and very proactive organization.  It was a real eye opener that I think everyone should experience or be a part of.

Q: Would you recommend other companies/families to part take in this event?

A: Absolutely, no doubt about it. Personally, I would really like to sign up again. Whether we went as a company or participated alone. I will definitely be returning and lending a hand again.



If you would like to help the Feed My Starving Children Foundation, please click the link below to find a location in your neighborhood!

Feed My Starving Children

Cinco de Mayo


Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco De Mayo (the fifth of May) is a commonly known holiday in the United States in which we celebrate by having parades and eating tons of Hispanic food. However, does anyone know why? This day is confused a lot for being the Mexico Independence Day, which is in fact on September sixteenth. So, what makes Cinco de Mayo so important?

Cinco de Mayo in 1862 is actually the date in which the Mexican army was victorious in the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867). Outnumbered, the Mexican army prepared to defend a small town in east-central Mexico called Puebla de Los Angeles. This specific battle lasted for nearly an entire day before the French retreated, losing nearly 500 soldiers in the process. Being victorious in the battle, allowed for the Mexican government to strengthen their resistance in the war.

So, how did this become a national holiday? Well it really isn’t one. In Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is only celebrated primarily in the state of Puebla. In most other parts of the country, it is not celebrated. In Puebla, it is a day filled with military parades, battle recreations, and other festive events. But in the United States, this is a completely different experience all together. We have formed this day into a way to celebrate Mexican culture, particularly in areas with a high Mexican-American population. There are parties, folk dancing, parades, traditional foods, and mariachi music to top it off. It has formed into an American drinking holiday, rather than historically what it was based upon.

Even though that might not be the Cinco de Mayo history you thought you knew, (or maybe it was), it’s still Friday. Celebrate the end of the week, and the victory to a war, with a nice margarita and some good food.

From your friendly, neighborhood Logistics people,

Happy Cinco De Mayo!