What is Logistics?


Logistics—It is a word that originated in the military, with a similar meaning to what we consider
the modern definition of logistics today. In its rightful sense, it is a way for people and equipment
to be transported from one location to another. However, the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition
of the word logistics, means to “plan and organize a complicated activity or event that involves
many people

So, what in the world does this word have to do with your business? It could mean a few things for your company, but from a logistics provider’s standpoint, it means being the resource you need for your company to transport resources effectively and safety to its final destination.

A lot of planning goes into handling the transportation of your product, and we want it to be the best possible plan for it. Your product could be moved with one mode of transportation or with several. These modes of transportation can break down into three general categories: truck, air, and ocean services for overseas traveling through use of cargo. From there, it can breakdown into further categories depending on your business’s needs.

For some logistics needs, it is something that can be handled in house—such as inventory or warehousing. If your business has larger or more complicated procedures, reaching out to a third
party could be useful. There are benefits to handling logistics in-house, especially for start up companies. It allows for it to be used as a marketing tool to better connect with new customers and
to help make a lasting impression on them. Once your business becomes larger though, it would make more sense to start outsourcing to a 3PL (Third Party Logistics). Finically, it would be better because of the large amount of product you have to allow a 3PL to step in and help out.

Something to keep in mind: Logistics is not something solely kept in one specific location that you or your company resides in. Logistics is worldwide, and is a fantastic tool to help your company not only get the resources you need, but from a large dynamic of markets that can be valuable to you, wherever you are in the world.

Certain logistics providers, such as TalaTrans Worldwide, are there ready to help you make sure your business picks the correct plan of action for whatever needs you may have.




*Merriam-Webster Definition

Community Outreach – La Posada Home


La Posada Home, in El Paso Texas, is a shelter opened in 1986 that provides a safe environment for mothers and their children. Such an environment is meant to protect them from cases of domestic violence, abandonment, homelessness, and lack of opportunities. Their goal is to help the families effected to better strive and gain a sense of worth. They provide training, recreation, transportation, advocacy services, just to name a few, thanks to the help of their community’s resources. La Posada Home aims to help their community without regard to the race, age, religion, and sexual orientation of its members, and provide housing to the families until they become self-sufficient once again.


On the day of the visit, TalaTrans Worldwide, in partnership with Dreams of Hope, spent a day at La Posada Home with the families. While mothers were being pampered with facials, manicures, and treated to beautifully styled hair, the kids were surprised with a variety of sweet treats. Dreams of Hope was able to donate multiple gift bags for the mothers filled with hair products, as the shelter is only able to provide basic necessities. To end the day, the group played out on the playground making it an overall wonderful experience for not only the families staying at La Posada, but for the volunteers from Dreams of Hope and TalaTrans Worldwide as well.


Through employee engagement and local partnerships, TalaTrans Worldwide strives to help its communities by promoting wellness, improving lives, and leaving a better world for our children. 

Terrorist Attack in Nice, France – 84 death and 202 injured.

A driver on a large white truck mowed down a crowd gathered to watch Bastille Day fireworks in Nice, France, on Thursday night. At least 84 people were killed and 202 were wounded.

Government official identified the assailant as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, 31, a delivery-truck driver raised in northeast Tunisia who moved to France around 2005.

Mr. Hollande said that a state of emergency established eight months ago after the Paris attacks would be extended by an additional three months.

France will observe three days of national mourning, starting on Saturday, Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced Friday morning.

“Why Nice?” Mr. Hollande asked. “Because it is a city that is known worldwide,” he said.

“Why on the 14th of July? Because it is a celebration of freedom.”

Airlines have confirmed that all their flights to and from Nice are maintained.

TalaTrans Worldwide wishes to express its sympathy to the victims’s families and close friends.



Osipova, Natalia V., and A.J. Chavar. “Truck Attack in Nice, France: What We Know, and What We Don’t.” The New York Times. The New York Times, 14 July 2016. Web. 15 July 2016.

SOLAS – Verified Gross Mass


Verified Gross Mass



SOLAS convention is applicable global law. The SOLAS amendments become effective on July 1, 2016 for packed containers received for transportation (gate-in or off-rail).

Amendments to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (“SOLAS”), to which the U.S. is a signatory, will go into effect globally on July 1, 2016. In general, the amendments require shippers to provide the Verified Gross Mass (“VGM”) of containers carrying cargo before those containers can be loaded aboard a vessel. Without a VGM, the amendments also prohibit the vessel operator from loading a packed container.

Shipper Responsibilities 

Because the Shipper is uniquely situated to know and report the weight of the container, the Shipper determines the VGM for the loaded container using one of the two methods provided under SOLAS regulations. Pursuant to the SOLAS regulations, the Shipper may calculate VGM by:

METHOD 1. Weighing the packed container using calibrated and certified equipment; or

METHOD 2. Weighing all packages and cargo items, including the mass of pallets, dunnage and other securing material to be packed in the container and adding the tare mass of the container to the sum of the single masses, using a certified method approved by the competent authority of the State in which packing of the container was completed.

VGM methods